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Daimaru VS Matsuzakaya Autumn 10,000 yen ultimate bento showdown

November 8th (Wednesday) – November 28th (Tuesday) Voting period: November 8th (Wednesday) – November 19th (Sunday) Results announcement: November 22nd (Wednesday) – November 28th (Tuesday) Daimaru Tokyo Store/Matsuzaka Ueno Store Basement Food Hoppe Town

November is the best season for autumn sightseeing, and with more ingredients coming into season, this is the time when companies put their best effort into bento development this year. Therefore, at Daimaru Tokyo store and Matsuzaka Ueno store, each store has developed and sells "Kiwami bento" priced at 10,000 yen including tax in the two major categories of "meat" and "fish." Please vote on whether you would like to try the “Kiwami Bento''. Which restaurant's “kiwami bento'' will win, meat or fish? ?

  • Daimaru Tokyo store meat

  • <Nihonbashi Hiyama> Hiyama is a butcher shop that has continued to build Japanese Wagyu beef culture in Nihonbashi Ningyocho. A luxurious assortment of 6 types of popular meats, including the rare Chateaubriand and Tokyo X pork loin.

    First weight: Domestic Japanese Black Beef Chateaubriand (100g), Domestic Japanese Black Beef Sirloin Steak (100g), Domestic Beef Shigureni, Second Weight: Domestic Japanese Black Beef Sukiyaki (60g), Tokyo X Roast Pork (100g), Iwate Prefecture Iwai chicken thigh chicken steak (150g)

  • Matsuzaka Ueno store meat

  • <Niku no Takumi Ito> A butcher shop directly managed by Ito Ham, founded in 1923. We will be selling a special limited edition of “Niku no Takumi Judanju'' made with carefully selected ingredients by Meat Takumi Ito.

    1st weight: Matsusaka beef sirloin steak, 2nd weight: Yakiniku weight, Misuji, 3rd weight: Yakiniku weight, Ichibo, 4th weight: Domestic Wagyu beef bulgogi weight, 5th weight: 100% Kuroge Wagyu beef hamburger, 6th weight: Tokyo・The 8th and 9th boxes contain rice.)

    *Reservations can only be made in-store up to 3 days before the delivery date. Limited to 5 meals each day.

  • Daimaru Tokyo store fish

  • <Tsukiji Suzutomi> Demonstrates its true potential as a tuna wholesaler! This is a three-tiered jug made with all natural tuna, made possible by a tuna specialty store. You can enjoy tuna to its fullest with everything from “nigiri'' to “chirashi'' and even fried foods.

    1st weight: Natural tuna nigiri (wild tuna lean meat, medium fatty tuna, large fatty tuna, grilled large fatty tuna, tekka roll), 2nd weight: Assorted natural tuna side dishes (fatty tuna tenmaki, tuna minced cutlet, fried tuna Tatsuta, tuna) Deep-fried karaage), weight of ingredients: wild tuna, seafood chirashi (wild tuna (lean, medium-fatty), conger eel, kelp with roe, white fish, salmon roe, egg)

  • Matsuzaka Ueno store fish

  • <Hokushin Sushi> A three-tiered seafood dish made with luxurious seafood ingredients such as hair crab, snow crab, sea urchin, and salmon roe, which can only be found at a fresh fish specialty store.

    First weight: hairy crab, snow crab leg meat, second weight: snow crab, tuna, sea urchin, salmon roe nigiri sushi, third weight: crab chirashi sushi and loose chirashi sushi

    *Reservations can only be made in-store up to 3 days before the delivery date. Only 3 meals per day.

    Voting summary

    Daimaru Matsuzakaya card members, Daimaru Matsuzakaya point card members, and Daimaru Matsuzakaya app members who make a purchase of 500 yen or more (tax included) at the prepared food/lunch box section of Daimaru Tokyo store and Matsuzakaya Ueno store (both registered and If you have already registered as a member, we will give you a lottery ticket to try out the meat and fish categories! Please write down the lunch box you think you would like and drop it in the voting box. From those who vote, 5 people from each store will be randomly selected to receive a 10,000 yen Daimaru Matsuzakaya gift certificate!