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[Limited time only] Second of 3 major events where you can experience Yakiniku specialty store “USHIHACHI”! Special plate “USHIHACHI one head [8 types]” available at half price

Enjoy the “USHIHACHI Yakiniku Experience” at a great price in November

Partners Dining Co., Ltd., an operating company of GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which operates approximately 230 domestic stores, 2 overseas stores, and approximately 90 restaurant formats, will open a restaurant at the Yakiniku specialty store "USHIHACHI" on November 6, 2023 ( From Monday), we will be holding the second round of "3 major events where you can experience USHIHACHI". Only for those who follow our official Instagram account or register for our official app, we will offer “USHIHACHI One Animal [8 Types]'' at half price.

  • [Second edition] Special plate “USHIHACHI one head [8 types]” and some menu items at great deals!

  • This time, the Yakiniku specialty store "USHIHACHI" will be holding "3 major events where you can experience USHIHACHI" with the desire to have more customers experience USHIHACHI.

    The second edition is available for a limited time from November 6th (Monday) to November 19th (Sunday).The popular platter “USHIHACHI one head [8 types]'', which is A4 Kuroge Wagyu beef with lean meat and hormones, will be available at half price. Provided . In addition, each store offers 290 yen off on carefully selected menu items such as Wagyu premium short ribs and premium lean meat. Be sure to enjoy the “USHIHACHI Yakiniku Experience” at a great price in November!

    We are also considering a third event at the end of November with the theme of “Experience eating good meat on Good Meat Day (November 29th),'' so stay tuned for more information. We aim for overwhelming cost performance that will impress all our customers.

  • Overview of “USHIHACHI Experience Menu 2nd”

  • Sales period: November 6, 2023 (Monday) to November 19, 2023 (Sunday)
    Sales hours: Business hours of each store

    Sales stores: USHIHACHI total 12 stores

    Conditions: Those who follow USHIHACHI official Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/ushihachi/ ) or download USHIHACHI's official fan club app "UFC (Ushihachi Fan Club)" are eligible. (This also applies to those who have already downloaded the app and are following us on Instagram)

    *Campaign contents vary depending on the store.

    Target stores: Ushi8 Kinshicho store / USHIHACHI Shibuya store / USHIHACHI Ueno store / USHIHACHI Shinagawa Konan exit store / USHIHACHI Akihabara store

    Target products: ① 8 types of one-head servings, half price from the regular price, 1,639 yen (tax included)

    *Orders must be made for 2 people or more.

    ② Wagyu beef special 3 types 290 yen off

    ・Special Kalbi special price 1,540 yen (tax included)

    ・Special loin special price 1,540 yen (tax included)

    ・Special lean meat special price 1,540 yen (tax included)

    Target stores: USHIHACHI Kiba store / USHIHACHI Musashikosugi store / USHIHACHI Futakotamagawa store / USHIHACHI Azamino store / USHIHACHI Aobadai store / USHIHACHI Mizonokuchi store / USHIHACHI Gotanda store

    Target products: ① 8 types of one-head servings, half price from the regular price, 1,589 yen (tax included)
    *Orders must be made for a minimum of 2 people ② 290 yen off for 3 types of carefully selected meat / Wagyu beef short ribs special price 1,540 yen (tax included)
    ・Special Wagyu beef loin special price 1,870 yen (tax included)
    ・Red meat (misuji) special price 660 yen (tax included)

    ●Click here for store information▶ https://www.ushi8.net/store/

    *Please note that app coupons cannot be used together.

    *Please note that it is not possible to select the parts.

    *Limited to one plate per group.

    *Due to purchasing issues, items may be out of stock.

    [USHIHACHI Official Instagram]


    [Official app UFC (Ushihachi Fan Club)]

    USHIHACHI's official fan club app "UFC (Ushihachi Fan Club)". By downloading this app and registering, you will become a "UFC member." You can find member benefits, store searches, and make reservations. In addition, there is a lot of content such as distribution of advantageous information for members and benefits that can be used from the day.

    Download here▼

  • Product overview (partial excerpt)

  • ■One head of USHIHACHI [8 types]

    A popular assortment of A4 Japanese black beef with red meat and offal. You can order from 2 people.

    Assortment of 6 types of carefully selected meat and 2 types of fresh hormones

    ■Special ribs

    We only offer rare and valuable parts! The deliciousness that spreads in your mouth will make you addicted to it.

    [Main parts used] Triangular roses, snails, short ribs, Spanish mackerel, etc.

    ■Special loin

    A special loin with beautiful marbling and tender meat.

    [Main parts used] Sirloin, etc.

    ■Special lean meat

    USHIHACHI's recommended lean meat allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of the meat.

    [Main parts used] Chili peppers, shinshins, lamps, peach peaches, etc.


  • USHIHACHI is a yakiniku specialty restaurant that aims to be the best in Japan in cost performance. Our philosophy is to provide high quality and delicious Yakiniku at a more reasonable price. We have also prepared a casual and stylish space that can be used by friends, family, lovers, etc. in a variety of situations. We promise you an impressive after-meal experience with overwhelming "cost performance."

    [USHIHACHI official homepage]


    [USHIHACHI store list (12 stores in total)]
    ・Ushi 8 Kinshicho store ・USHIHACHI Shibuya store ・USHIHACHI Kiba store ・USHIHACHI Ueno store ・USHIHACHI Musashikosugi store ・USHIHACHI Shinagawa Konanguchi store ・USHIHACHI Futakotamagawa store ・USHIHACHI Azamino store ・USHIHACHI Aobadai store ・USHIHACHI Mizonokuchi store ・USHIHACH I Gotanda store・USHIHACHI Akihabara store

  • Company Profile

    With the vision of “creating the future with food,'' we aim to solve food-related issues and enrich the world even a little by providing a wide range of services with originality and overwhelmingly high added value through food.
    Its operating companies include subLime Co., Ltd., Partners Dining Co., Ltd., TKS Co., Ltd., Ushi no Tatsujin Co., Ltd., E-Grant Corporation Co., Ltd., Five.C Co., Ltd., ESOLA Co., Ltd., and OYA Co., Ltd. We operate over 90 brands of restaurants, mainly in the izakaya format, but also include cafes, Western-style restaurants, beer gardens, Japanese-style restaurants, and high-end restaurants.

    Company Profile Trade Name: GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. Representative: President Toshikazu Nemoto Address: 4F Shinjuku JEC Building, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Established: June 2006 Capital: 30 million yen Business content: Providing food-related services (1. Restaurant management 2. Independence support 3. FC store support)
    URL: https://gyro.holdings

    The charm of “eating out'' includes local bars such as Partners Dining “Kita no Kazoku'' and “Shikoku Sakaba,'' and specialty restaurants that specialize in one type of food such as “Okaka'' and “Shogaya Kurobei.'' We have opened 40 restaurants that embody this (as of November 1, 2023). Recently, we have been creating delicious, fun, and exciting experiential projects such as “All-You-Can-Eat Salmon'' and “Product Development Using Local Foods'' that will help you rediscover the joy of “eating out.'' Many are being launched.

    Company Profile Trade Name: Partners Dining Co., Ltd. Representative: Juichi Nemoto, President and CEO Address: 4F Shinjuku JEC Building, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
    Established: January 2006 Capital: 50 million yen
    Business content: Food and beverage business
    URL: https://www.partners-dining.co.jp/