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New Moomin Arabia store opens

Moomin Arabia is a Finnish tableware brand developed by Fiskars Japan Co., Ltd. (location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jeffrey Daggett).

March 15th (Friday) “PARCO_ya Ueno 1F”

Thursday, March 21st “Kichijoji PARCO 1F”

"Moomin Arabia", where you can see all Moomin Arabia items, will open in March! In addition to the popular tableware, textiles, miscellaneous goods, and Japan-only items will also be available.
Spend magical moments with the Moomins at “Mooments of Magic''!

Complete lineup
A new Moomin Arabia store will open on "PARCO_ya Ueno 1F" and "Kichijoji PARCO 1F" as a shop where you can see all Moomin Arabia items. From home use to gifts, we have a complete lineup to meet a variety of needs.

open campaign
To commemorate the opening of "Moomin Arabia", an open campaign will be held at "PARCO_ya Ueno" and "Kichijoji PARCO".

Customers who purchase over 5,500 yen including tax will receive an original wooden coaster as a gift.
Ends as soon as it runs out.

Kichijoji store Moomin pattern

Kichijoji store Moomin pattern

Ueno store Little My pattern

Ueno store Little My pattern

Customers who register for Moomin Arabia membership will receive an original sticker as a gift.
You can put the 5cm x 7cm mini stickers in your smartphone case, stick them on your favorite notebook, or enjoy them however you like.
Ends as soon as it runs out.

Marche bags exclusive to the store will be sold in limited quantities for 1,100 yen including tax.
Limited to 2000 pieces per store.

Kichijoji store purple, Ueno store mint

Kichijoji store purple, Ueno store mint

Moomin Characters
Moomin Arabia is a registered trademark brand of Fiskars Group.

□PARCO_ya Ueno 3-24-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8736 Business hours 10:00-20:00
□Kichijoji PARCO 1-5-1 Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-8520 Business hours 10:00-20:00

■Customer inquiries https://www.iittala.jp/contact/
Arabia official online shop https://www.arabiajapan.jp/
Moomin Arabia official online shop (scheduled to open soon) https://www.moominarabia.jp/
Iittara Omotesando Store 1F, GEMS Aoyama Cross, 5-46-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Moomin Arabia official Instagram @moominarabiajapan

■About Moomin Arabia
Arabia is a tableware brand that has been loved in Finnish daily life for about 150 years since its founding in 1873 in the "Arabia" district on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. Moomin Arabia, a collaboration with Moomin, is a series that has been running since the 1950s.
Since the early 1990s, designer Tove Slotte has been creating collages of illustrations based on Tove Jansson's original drawings. The Moomins teach us the importance of spending time with friends, celebrating good things, and taking time for yourself. With Moomin Arabia items, you will be able to escape from your busy daily life and spend magical moments with the Moomins, “Mooments of Magic.''

■ Make every day the most special day. "Fiskars" from Finland
Fiskars is a brand with over 370 years of history, founded in 1649 as an ironworks in a small village in Finland. Today, it has grown into a major lifestyle group with world-famous brands such as Fiskars, Royal Copenhagen, Wedgwood, Iittala, Arabia and Gerber. As a Finnish company that considers “quality of life” to be an important element, the mission of the Fiskars Group, with its iconic products, strong brand power, and global aspirations, is to improve the quality of the home, garden, and It's about enriching people's lives outdoors. Fiskars Japan was launched in 2017 with the aim of “Making the everyday extraordinary.” 11