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“Ideal Genealogy Exhibition Edo Painting Miracle World” Commemoration “Genealogy of Genealogy” × “Parco” Develop collaboration products with 4 brands!

Parco Corporation developed collaboration products with a total of 4 brands "mintdesigns" "STOF" "IKUMI" "toumei" in commemoration of the "Fantasy genealogy Exhibition Edo Painting Miracle World" at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, "fantasy It is on sale on February 9 (Saturday) at "Michikar store online" operated by the venue and PARCO Corporation.

【Mitsuku store store online special page】 http://meetscal-news.parco.jp/special/3101/

"Fantasy genealogy exhibition Edo painting Miracle world" Summary held here

"Fantasy Genealogy Exhibition Edo Painting Miracle World" is based on "Familiar Genealogy" published by the art historian and Yoshio Tsuji published in 1970. It is based on "Iwasa Keihoi", Mr. Iwasa Kanako, Kano Kano, Itaku Jakachi, Soga Hako, Nagasawa Ashizu, Utagawa Kuniyoshi This exhibition introduces the charm of Edo painting, which we met together with eight representative works including Shirahaku Hibikura and Shoichi Suzuki.

A T – shirt with a dog drawn on exhibition work Nagasawa Ashuki "White Elephant Black Cow Diamond Blossom" appeared from mintdesigns (mintdesigns) and STOF (stove).

mintdesigns white elephant black cow figure 屛 風 T-shirt 6,000 yen + tax

mintdesigns Pins Various 1,700 yen + Tax

STOF white elephant black cow figure 屛 風 T-shirt black, white, gray each color 5,800 yen + tax

IKUMI (Ikumi) created T – shirts and Skajan embroidered symbolic skeletons of Kotobuki Utagawa 's old inner back'.

Kimiyoshi Utagawa × PARCO × IKUMI

Table) IKUMI Soma's old inner and outer T-shirt black, white each color 7,000 yen + tax

Back) IKUMI Soma back old inner back T-shirt

IKUMI Soma's ancient inner back KUMI Sukajan Black, white each color 20,000 yen + tax

Toumei (Toumei) has created a coaster etc. that each motif of Edo painted with a golden foil print.

toumei foil coaster box 4 pcs set 4,000 yen + tax

toumei foil coaster various 1,000 yen + tax

toumei foil with shaking box 5 pieces set 4,000 yen + tax

toumei Foil Hokki variety 800 yen + tax

It is a product that makes full use of the characteristics of Edo painting filled with a fantastic idea. Please enjoy this collaboration with the unique Edo painting on this occasion.

Select shop produced by Parco. Meets local, Meets culture is a SHOP product development project that sells while changing the theme of planning with young designers and popular writers. The product development project is named "Mitsukaru production room", and using the keywords of creators' ideas and cultural themes as the keywords, "original manufacturing" of original products is being disseminated.


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"Fantasy genealogy exhibition Edo painting Miracle world" Summary held here