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Ueno News

The winter-only “Snow Garden” Afternoon Tea has started at Sanrio Characters Garden Cafe! During the same period, cute take-out hot drinks will also be available.

The winter-only “Snow Garden” Afternoon Tea has started at Sanrio Characters Garden Cafe! During the same period, cute take-out hot drinks will also be available.

At Sanrio Characters Garden Cafe in Ueno, Tokyo, a winter-only afternoon tea inspired by a snowy "Snow Garden" is now available! The store welcomes you in winter attire. This is a limited menu from December 1st to February 29th. Enjoy a special garden party only available this winter with cute Sanrio characters! ■"Snow Garden" Afternoon Tea A winter-only afternoon tea set presented by Sanrio Characters Garden Cafe. It is a special specification inspired by "a party in a snowy garden." You can choose your favorite character for Petit Honeyto's mousse! One wagon will be provided per person. [Top row: Sweets] ・Petit Honeyto with selectable characters Characters you can choose from

[Tsubakiya Coffee] Winter luxury! Introducing pasta that lets you enjoy plenty of seafood!

Please enjoy the seasonal Hiroshima oysters and red snow crab that will make you feel the arrival of winter. Tsubakiya Coffee, which is operated by Towa Food Service Co., Ltd. and specializes in specialty coffee, will be selling a limited-time menu perfect for winter starting Friday, November 17, 2023. We have prepared a menu that will give you a slightly luxurious feeling that you will want to eat only in winter. Why not survive the cold winter with our nutritious menu made with luxurious oysters, which contain a well-balanced variety of nutrients and are known as the "milk of the sea," and the king of winter delicacies, red snow crab.

A book cafe once again on the street by Shinobazu Pond, a social experiment called “Hokomichi” in collaboration with the local community and the University of Tokyo

Limited to 6 days after the end of November Utilize the "Triangle Square" on the sidewalk The Shinobazu Ikemachi Research Group was launched in 2021 by local neighborhood associations near Ueno and Shinobazu Pond, the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Urban Design Laboratory, and other volunteers. As an action for a walkable Shinobazu Street by the same study group, the “Hokomichi Social Experiment “Shinobazu Street Triangle Square Daily Book Cafe'' will be held. As an official social experiment with permission from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the police, a temporary store and exhibition/residence space will be set up in an empty corner of the Shinobazu Street sidewalk. This is

Beautiful and magnificent. Strolling through the world of traditional “Yamato-e”. [Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “Yamato-e – Beauty of the Dynasty Inherited” (~12/3) Preview Report

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche “Yamato-e'' was established in the early Heian period and has been handed down through various changes. The special exhibition “Yamato-e – The beauty of dynasties passed down through generations'' to be held at the Tokyo National Museum traces the lineage of Yamato-e, which has always been innovative. This article reports on the press preview held the day before the event. What is Yamato-e? The special exhibition “Yamato-e – The beauty of the dynasty passed down through generations'' focuses on “Yamato-e,'' which have been painted continuously since the Heian period. However, what is interesting is that the concept of “Yamato-e'' has changed greatly over time.

You can purchase “Tokyo Subway Ticket” within the WeChat mini program “Travel Day”!

~A first for a domestic railway operator! Sightseeing in Tokyo has become even more convenient! ~ Tokyo Subway Co., Ltd. and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Director-General of Transportation: Hideo Kuga) are the first domestic railway operator to offer the Tokyo Subway Ticket, a discount ticket that allows unlimited rides on all lines of the Tokyo subway. We will start selling within the WeChat mini program “Traveling Day”. Tokyo Metro and the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation are working together to sell convenient tickets and other products to increase customer convenience, with the aim of allowing more customers to experience the charms of Tokyo. In order to

Announcement of the 3rd Ueno Classic Camera Expo

“Ueno Classic Camera Expo” is a sales event for cameras, lenses, and photographic equipment! Location: Matsuzaka Ueno store main building 6th floor event space Date and time: November 16th (Wednesday) – 22nd (Tuesday), 2022 The 3rd Ueno Classic Camera Expo, a used camera sales event, will be held from November 15th (Wednesday) to November 21st (Tuesday), 2023 at the 6th floor event space of the Matsuzaka Ueno store main building. Focus Kobo will also be exhibiting special price items. We look forward to your visit. [2nd Ueno Classic Camera Expo] Date and time: November 15th (Wednesday) – November 21st (Tuesday), 2023 Time: 10:00-18:30 (closes at 16:00 on the last day)

10,000 yen ultimate bento! New arrival! 30 Autumn Recreational Lunch Boxes

November 8th (Wednesday) – November 28th (Tuesday) / Daimaru Tokyo Store Basement Food Hoppe Town [Special page] https://www.daimaru.co.jp/tokyo/topics/akinokourakubento.html 2023 is said to be a warm autumn, but the mornings and evenings are getting cooler and autumn is deepening. This autumn, there are no restrictions on movement, so we expect many people to go out during the tourist season. The Daimaru Tokyo store, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station and sells about 1,000 types of bento boxes throughout the year, sells bento boxes that are a little more luxurious and luxurious than usual, perfect for the tourist season, as well as seasonal specials made with autumn ingredients. Approximately 30 types

[Ueno Royal Museum] Interview report on “Scenes from Monet’s series”. All of the works on display are Monet’s masterpieces such as “Stack of Straw” and “Water Lilies”.

Article provided by: Taito Bunka Marche The exhibition “Monet: Scenes from a Series'' is currently being held at the Uenonomori Art Museum, tracing the life of Impressionist master Claude Monet through more than 60 of his masterpieces, including the “Stack of Straws'' and “Water Lilies'' series. The exhibition period is until January 28, 2024. I attended the press preview held prior to the event, so I will provide a detailed report on the venue. All of the works on display are Monet. A valuable exhibition realized with the cooperation of over 40 museums in Japan and overseas Claude Monet (1840-1926) is a master of Impressionism. Monet, who had an extraordinary

[Limited time only] Second of 3 major events where you can experience Yakiniku specialty store “USHIHACHI”! Special plate “USHIHACHI one head [8 types]” available at half price

Enjoy the “USHIHACHI Yakiniku Experience” at a great price in November Partners Dining Co., Ltd., an operating company of GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., which operates approximately 230 domestic stores, 2 overseas stores, and approximately 90 restaurant formats, will open a restaurant at the Yakiniku specialty store "USHIHACHI" on November 6, 2023 ( From Monday), we will be holding the second round of "3 major events where you can experience USHIHACHI". Only for those who follow our official Instagram account or register for our official app, we will offer “USHIHACHI One Animal [8 Types]'' at half price. [Second edition] Special plate “USHIHACHI one head [8 types]” and some menu items at

11/23~11/26 Ninjas from Iga City, Mie Prefecture, a sacred place for real ninjas, visit Ueno Park! !

NINJA is attracting a lot of attention not only in Japan but also around the world. For four days from November 23rd (Thursday/holiday) to 26th (Sunday), we will be holding a limited-time event "Iga Ueno NINJA Festa in Ueno Park" where you can experience the charm of Iga City, Mie Prefecture, which has been declared a "Ninja City". It will be held. This year as well, the Iga-ryu ninja will put on a powerful performance at the venue. Experience the charms of various ninja experiences, Iga food, traditional crafts, and more. Iga Ueno NINJA Festa in Ueno Park 2023 【event date】 November 23rd (Thursday/Holiday), 24th (Friday), 25th (Saturday), 26th (Sunday),