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Ueno News

“Sun Sun Kids TV” event “Let’s look for everyone! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui” will be held in Ueno and Kokubunji!

“Sun Sun Kids TV” event “Let’s look for everyone! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui” will be held in Ueno and Kokubunji!

It's spring! It's Marui! It's sun sun! The official event of Sun Sun Kids TV will be held! The popular family-oriented YouTube channel “Sun Sun Kids TV” ( https://www.youtube.com/user/anpankidstv/featured ) operated by aquwa Co., Ltd. will hold an event “Everyone” at Ueno Marui and Kokubunji Marui in March and April. Let's find it! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui" will be held. The official offline event of the popular family YouTube channel “Sun Sun Kids TV” with over 1.1 million subscribers “Let’s find everyone! Sun Sun Kids Hide and Seek Daisakusen! in Marui” will be held at Marui! Let's find the hidden Sansan in the project "Sun

Unlimited time (up to 11 hours) All-you-can-drink sake ¥1,250 (tax included) |Limited to 30 people per day from Sunday to Thursday┃Held at all sake breweries from March 1 to 31

All-you-can-drink unlimited ¥1,250 (tax included) will be held from March 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday) at all sake breweries. Sake Cost Sake Brewery operated by Creative Place Co., Ltd. will hold unlimited all-you-can-drink ¥ 1,250 (tax included) from March 1st (Wednesday) to March 31st (Friday) at all stores. *Limited to 30 people per day from Sunday to Thursday ​ Unlimited all-you-can-drink! All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink will be available for a limited time until 3/31 (Friday) at all sake breweries ( http://sake-genkabar.com ). The all-you-can-drink menu including 20 types of sake, mainly special name sake such as Dassai, draft beer and highball, is available at the following prices with no time limit.

Two types of seasonal sake seed anpan, such as “Sakadane Yakushima Tankan” using Yakushima tankan fruit juice and peel, will be sold at directly managed stores from March 1st.

Selling “Fun bag” limited to directly managed stores where you can enjoy popular sweet bread From March 1, 2023, Kimuraya Sohonten Co., Ltd. will announce the sale of two types of seasonal bean-jam buns and a “fun bag” limited to directly managed stores that will be sold at Kimuraya directly managed stores from March 1, 2023. ■ Directly managed store products : http://www.kimuraya-sohonten.co.jp/goods_category/top The seasonal Sakadane Anpan in March includes “Yakushima Tankan” and “Apricot” . The bean paste used in “ Sakadane Yakushima Tankan” uses the “ fruit juice ” and “ peel ” of Yakushima Tankan. It is not only sweet, but also has a unique aroma and bittersweet

A nursing room will be set up at Ueno-Okachimachi Station on the Toei Oedo Line – For the first time on Toei Transportation, for customers with infants to use it with more peace of mind –

The Toei Subway has decided to set up a nursing room for the first time in Toei Transportation within the Tourist Information Center (outside the ticket gates) of Ueno Okachimachi Station on the Oedo Line so that passengers with infants can use the subway with greater peace of mind. I will let you know. It can be used by anyone, not only those using the Toei Subway, but also those using other lines such as the Tokyo Metro, and those traveling around the station. Through this initiative, we will continue to contribute to fostering momentum for supporting child-rearing throughout society. 1 Start date of use February 23, 2020 (Thursday/holiday) 2

American restaurant “Hard Rock Cafe” Ueno Station Tokyo store 21st anniversary special menu and pin badge “CHEERS TO 21 YEARS”

Special menu offer period: March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to April 9 (Sunday) / Special goods store sales start: March 1, 2023 (Wednesday) The American restaurant "Hard Rock Cafe" Ueno Station Tokyo branch celebrated its 21st anniversary with a special menu and cocktails inspired by cherry blossoms at the restaurant, and a pin badge with a panda design at the Rock Shop, which sells original goods. We will be selling from the day. The American restaurant "Hard Rock Cafe", where you can enjoy cooking while listening to various music, will celebrate its 21st anniversary on March 25th with a special menu inspired by Ueno's famous cherry blossoms. and cocktails, and a

2/23 (holiday, Thursday) to 2/26 (Sun) “Higashi Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street” will appear at Ueno Station for the first time! Make and sell your own products.

"Higashi-Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street" is a fictitious shopping district where monozukuri companies based in East Tokyo gather. As a real shopping street, we will hold the first sales event at Ueno Station this time. 15 companies, the largest of the "Higashi Tokyo Monozukuri Shopping Street", line up in the grand concourse of JR Ueno Station, create and stand in front of the store, introduce their companies and products to customers, and sell them. It is a shopping street limited to 4 days from 2/23 (Thursday/holiday) where you can find leather goods, paper goods, shoes, and food. Please stop by at JR Ueno Station. [Event overview] □ Event name: "East Tokyo

ekinaka commercial facility “ecute” White Day campaign “Casual kindness will touch your heart” “WHITE DAY Sarigena 3.14” will be held!

Period: February 27 (Monday) to March 14 (Tuesday), 2023-A collection of spring petit gifts and limited-time sweets that you want to give casually! ~ JR East Cross Station Development Company Co., Ltd. will run the White Day campaign “Casually” from February 27 (Monday) to March 14 (Tuesday), 2023 at each facility of the station “Ecute” commercial facility that it operates. We will hold "WHITE DAY Sarigena 3.14" that will make you feel kindness. During the period, we have a large number of products such as stylish and cute sweets cans and gift boxes that you want to casually give, baked sweets that are perfect for small gifts, and bright and

Goods that color the cherry blossom season are coming one after another! Ueno Information Center Spring 2023 New Panda Goods

The Ueno Information Center (2nd floor of Matsuzakaya Ueno store, 3-29-5 Ueno, Taito-ku / operated by Spurt Co., Ltd.) will sell new panda goods for the spring of 2023 from Friday, February 17th. Starting with playing cards designed by the Ueno Panda Family that can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults, Ueno Information Center's original products such as Japanese confectionery that combines motifs related to the four seasons of Ueno with panda designs, and cherry blossom tea that is particular about domestic cherry leaves that are popular every year. Appearance! At the Ueno Information Center, we will continue to develop various Ueno souvenirs and liven up the town

Korea Fair ♪ Authentic Korean samgyeopsal & 30 kinds of Korean street food all-you-can-eat and drink for 3,000 yen including tax! !

D.R. Co., Ltd. From February 9, 2023, [NEO Tavern Tefutefu Ueno Store] operated by D.R. Co., Ltd. will start all-you-can-eat and drink 30 kinds of samgyeopsal and Korean street food for 3000 yen including tax. Starting February 9, 2023! ! All-you-can-eat 30 types of street food, including Korean samgyeopsal, Korean chicken, and tteokbokki, which everyone loves! ! Moreover, we will guide you with all-you-can-drink for 120 minutes (last order 30 minutes ago) at 3000 yen including tax. Samgyeopsal can be enjoyed in two flavors: authentic Korean flavor and Tefutefu original spice. ■ Campaign details All-you-can-eat Samgyeopsal & 30 kinds of Korean street food Price: 3,000 yen per person, tax included

Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023 x 150 years since the opening of the railway JR Ueno Station “Station Piano in UENO” is coming!

― Spring Music Festival Pre-Event in Tokyo ― This time, at the Tokyo Spring Music Festival 2023, in conjunction with the opening of the music festival at JR Ueno Station and the 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway, we will create opportunities for many people to experience music inside the station (park entrance ticket gate). Station Piano" will be installed for a month. This is the first time that an "Eki Piano" has been installed at JR Ueno Station, the gateway to Ueno Park, a cultural capital. The park ticket gate, which was renewed last spring, will be filled with music ahead of the cherry blossom season. The