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【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Beat of Beauty of Jomon Period 10,000 Years” Press Conference Report

【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Beat of Beauty of Jomon Period 10,000 Years” Press Conference Report

A press conference on the special exhibition "Beauty Beauty of 10 thousand Years of Jomon" will be held at the Tokyo National Museum from 3 July (Tue) 2018 to 2 September 2018 (Sunday), February 21 It was done to. I will report the situation this time. It is about 13,000 years ago to go back to the present. The long-lasting glacial period has ended, the mountain streams have been set up in the Japanese archipelago, which has changed into a temperate and humid climate, a landscape like the current Japanese archipelago was born. People of those days used the natural environment to live by hunting, gathering and fishing, and produced

【Tokyo National Museum Keioi Hall】 “Arabian Way – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kingdom” Exhibition Report

Madina King Abdulaziz Library Collection "Treasures of Arabia – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia" is held at the Tokyo National Museum and the Keio Hall from January 23 (Tue) to March 18 (Sun) in 2018. Since a press coverage was held on January 22, I will tell you the situation. As the place of origin of Islam, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the hometown of Arab people 's heart. In modern times this place known as one of the world's leading oil producers is a bridge of civilizations people traveling in the east and west of the continent, was the center of cultural exchange. There are important trade routes more than

[Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] “Genealogy of the Bruegel Exhibition Family Clan 150 years” Exhibition Report

From "Tuesday, January 23, 2018 until April 1, 2018 (Sun), 2018, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum holds" Genealogy of 150 years of Bruegel painter family ". Since the exhibition was held on 22nd January, I will report on the situation. Pieter Bruegel I is a painter who represents Flemish of the 16th century (now Belgium). His talent as a painter was inherited to the family in a row, and continued to produce excellent painters for 150 years, from my son Pieter Bruegel II, Jan Bruegel I, and grandchildren and grandchildren. This exhibition will follow the clan's painting through about 100 points. It is not exhibiting artworks by each painter, but

【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Ninna-ji Temple and Omuro School Only Daigeki Tempei and the True Temple’s Essay” Exhibition Report

Goshiri Nyorai Seiza Osaka · Kanji Temple Collection From January 16 (Tuesday) to March 11 (Sun) of 2018, the Tokyo National Museum holds a special exhibition "Only Ninna-ji and Mikui schoolbanks – treasure of Tenpyo and Shingon Buddhism" – is held. Since the exhibition was held on 15th January, I will tell you how it is. Cherry-blossom viewing cherry tree famous as "late blooming cherry". The cherry blossoms cherry blossoms in the precincts of Kyoto · Ninna-ji temple have been popular as cherry blossoms of the common people since the Edo period. Ninna-ji was founded in 888, is the head temple of Omuya temple of about 790 temples nationwide. "Oimuro"

【National Museum of Nature and Science】 Planning Exhibition “MINAKATA Kumagusu: An informant-savant a 100 years ahead of his time” Exhibition report

From 19th December 2017 (Tue) to 4th March (Sun), 2018, at the National Museum of Nature and Science, the 150th anniversary commemorative exhibition “MINAKATA Kumagusu: An informant-savant a 100 years ahead of his time is held It is. Since the exhibition was held on 18th December, I will report on that situation. ■ Kumagusuku as a researcher and an information provider Minakata Kumagusu is a collective term for plants that do not bloom, such as mosses, ferns, fungi, etc. Currently not used ) We gathered a large number of materials in general, it was a naturalist of Onno. In 2006, the same exhibition "Southern Kumagusuku – explorer of the whole

【Tokyo University of the Arts, College Art Museum】 “Miakami Masaaki Exhibition of Interior of the Booth” Exhibition Report

“Mamiaki Masaaki exhibition of the booth” is being held at the Tokyo University of the Arts University Art Museum from 4th January 2018 (Wednesday) to 17th January (Wednesday). Since a press coverage was held on January 4th, I will tell you the state of the exhibition. Mr. Miyakami Miakami, who looked at nature and humans with a modern sense and a distinctive point of view and drew it with classical technique of back painting. In recent years, I have held personal exhibitions in Russia, Hungary, Portugal and other countries as paintings beyond the framework of Japanese paintings and continues to be active in many countries around the world. In addition,

【National Science Museum】 Special Exhibition “Human Body – Challenge to Mystery” Press Release Presentation Report

A press release of a special exhibition “Human body – Challenge to mystery” to be held at the National Science Museum from March 13 (Tue) 2018 to Sunday, June 17, 2018 will be held on November 30 I was told. I will report the situation this time. Human beings who are most familiar to mankind, but existence of mystery filled with eternal mystery. In order to understand the mechanism of things that utilize and move oneself, human race has been challenging many times since the Renaissance era. “Human body – challenge to mystery” is a special exhibition linked with NHK Special “Human body – Mysterious huge network ~” broadcast. In

Sneek Preview Report: Unkei Exhibition at Tokyo National Museum

From September 26 (Tuesday) to November 26 (Sun), 2017, “Unkei” special exhibition in commemoration of Kofukuji Chukondo’s reconstruction will be held at the Tokyo National Museum. A press coverage was held on 25th September. Let us introduce exhibition contents. At Unkei’s age of adolescence, Chukondo in Kofuku-ji was his activity base. This exhibition will be held in commemoration of Chukondo’s reconstruction for the first time in these 300 years. It is said that 31 Buddha statues made by Unikei. 22 of them will be exhibited in this exhibition. In addition, you can see the work of his father Kokei, his son Tankei and Koben. In other words, this exhibition covers

Exhibition’s Sneak Preview Report: “Mysteries of Marimo – Where Did It Come From and Why is It Rounded? – 120 Years Since the Discovery of Marimo“ at National Science Museum

A special exhibition “Mysteries of Marimo – Where Did It Come From and Why is It Rounded? – 120 Years Since the Discovery of Marimo” will be held from the 22nd of August at the National Science Museum. EXHIBITING VALUABLE MARIMO Real marimos are displayed at the venue. It is unusual for Marimo of Lake Akan to be exhibited outside Hokkaido. WHY IS MARIMO ROUNDED? Because Marimo has a structure that algal bodies are easily entangled, it becomes a thick mat on rocks and shells, which may peel off and develop into large chunks while drifting at the bottom of the lake. If it rotates with the power of the

【National Museum of Western Art】 “Chassériau Exhibition – Fortitude of French-Romanticism in the 19th Century” Exhibition Report

“Chassériaux exhibition – Familiarity of French romanticism in the 19th century” will be held at the National Museum of Western Art from February 28 (Tuesday) to May 28 (Sun) in 2017. Since the press coverage was held on February 27, I will report the situation of the exhibition. “Take a look, this child will be a painting Napoleon” Jean-Auguste-Dominique Angel, a master of French neoclassicalism, has been told that he stopped in front of a young man in the middle of painting classes and shouted like this.     The name of “Napoleon” is Theodor · Chasselio. Chocelio, who is inclined to neo-classicalism to romanticism, regarded as a representative painter