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Ueno News

[Ueno no Mori Art Museum] “Gogh Exhibition” Press Conference Report

[Ueno no Mori Art Museum] “Gogh Exhibition” Press Conference Report

At the Ueno no Mori Art Museum, the period from Friday, October 11, 2019 to January 13, 2020 (Monday, Holiday), "Gogh exhibition" is held. The press conference for this exhibition was held, so we will deliver the situation this time. Outline of the event Vincent van Gogh (1853-90), an artist who continues to fascinate people with intense colours. Gogh, who was determined to live as a painter at the age of 27, reached the point where he could finally get one and only expression because it had two encounters. First Van Gogh learned from the Hague School depicting rural life in a serene brushwork, was to establish the foundation as

[Tokyo National Museum] Special Exhibition “Mikuni will” preview

Kanu Statue Ming Era 15th-16th Century Shinsato City Museum Tokyo National Museum from July 9 (Tuesday) to September 16 (Mon./Holiday), 2019 Special exhibition “Sangokushi” is held. A preview for the media was held, so this time we will tell you how. Manga, puppet theater, games … taken up in a wide range of fields, showing a variety of development “Sangokushi”. The point of departure is the Chinese history of “Three Kingdoms” and “Three Kingdoms”, which continues to be loved by people in a long history, and its popularity in Japan still remains unnoticeable. Kanu, Sakumo, Ryofu … There may be a lot of people who are passionate about the life

[Matsuzaka rooftop field store] First held “R1 general election” ~ 45 kinds of proud taste run is out! ~ Food star of the new era is decided!

"Delicious" elections begin. July 10 (Wed) to August 6 (Tues) Matsuzaka Rooftop Field Store 1st and 1st floor of the food floor In Hoppe Town, the R1 (Ar One) general election at this node of the year of Riwa (R1) "It will be held. A total of 45 candidates from the three parties "Rich (Rich)", "Red (Red)" and "Regular (Regular)" named after Riwa's "R". We will do a popular vote by our customers and determine their ranking! (The vote will be accepted from 7/23 (Tuesday), and the results will be announced from 7/26 (Fri)) 【way to participate】 Fill in your favorite tastes on the ballot box provided on the 1st

[National Science Museum dinosaur Expo 2019 venue pre-sale] special color Ver. HMM Zoids “EZ-026 Genosaura bone color Ver.” Appeared!

Hobby maker Ashiya Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tachikawa City Midoricho, Tokyo / representative: Shimizu Kazuyuki) will receive "EZ-026 Genosaura Bone Color Ver." From "Zoid" at the National Science Museum Dinosaur Hall 2019 in July 2019. Pre-sale. EZ-026 Genosaura Bone Color ver. 01 "Dinosaur Expo 2019" to be held at the National Science Museum (Tokyo, Ueno Park). As a pre-sale product of this venue, special color tyrannosaurus type zoids "Genosaurer" are lineup in HMM Zoids! Coloring that imaged characteristic bone bone fossil is reproduced by new molding color. The main unit is a specification that has been modified to take a natural "charged particle gun" firing pose. EZ-026 Genosaura Bone Color

Notice of the Asakusa Hanayashiki original program “Dance of Hanakisode-Birth-“

On July 13 (Saturday), the curtain of a new era opens! A dance performance “Fana Furisode Dance” that combines traditional culture and modern culture is decided to be held at the new hall “Asakusa flower theater”! Hanayashi Kiki Co., Ltd. (Taito-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director Akihiko Hirota) will perform the original performance “Dance of Hanakisose” at the new hall “Asakusa Flower Theater (Asakusa Kagekijo)” from July 13, 2019 (Saturday) I will hold it. The up-and-coming performers selected by professionals in each dance world that have been evaluated worldwide become the appearance of flower chase sleeves, flower bitches, flower ninjas, and in the next generation of creative dance, picture, music,

[Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum] A new frontier of the artist who is now on the mark, Reiko Iba! First exhibition in a museum in Tokyo for the first time in 10 years in a museum! 52 points including new works are exhibited !!

From July 20th (Sat), "Iba Reiko Exhibition" will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum. <Period: July 20th (Sat)-October 9th (Wed), 2019: Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery A, B, C> Reiko Iba (1967-), fascinated by the artist's eyes and the world of motifs, has continued to express the scenery by drawing the texture and light that the motifs want to touch. The style of making based on the photos taken by myself has not changed, but in recent years, the distance to the motif that has been approaching has gradually increased. The interest in space and landscapes has increased, and the landscape around them has expanded, and the paintings of

The ambassador Ichikawa Satoshi’s Sydney viewing videos are also on display! Large exhibition of Star Wars “STAR WARSTM Identities: The Exhibition”

Star Wars Identities Japan Executive Committee, 2019 as a large-scale world tour exhibition "STAR WARSTMi0Identities: i 0 The Exhibition (hereinafter Star Wars Identities)" to experience the world of "Star Wars" 2019 It will be held at Terada Warehouse G1-5F (2-6-4 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) from August 8 (Thu) to January 13, 2020 (Mon.) This exhibition is a commemorative day when the movie “Star Wars” was first screened in Japan on June 24, 1978, 41 years ago, and the release of the original goods of this exhibition and SNS (Twitter: @ SWID_JP , Facebook: announce the start of @ StarWarsID). In addition, HP also opened grand. SNS and YouTube "STAR WARS

Actress Satoru Yoshioka also appeared! “Basquia Exhibition Made in Japan” Press Conference Report

Jean-Michel Basquiat, who appeared as a comet in the art scene in the 1980s. "Basquia Exhibition Made in Japan" , which introduces works left behind in a short activity period of only 10 years, will be held from September 21 (Sat) to November 17 (Sun) , 2019 Mori Art Center Gallery (Roppongi) The Hills Mori Tower will be held on the 2nd floor of 52). A press conference to introduce the contents of the exhibition was held at the Tokyo International Forum, so I will tell you how! Jean-Michel Basquea who had a tragic death at the age of 27. However, the work is filled with extremely intense energy and

【National Museum of Western Art】 Modern Woman Press Briefing Report

At the National Museum of Western Art in Ueno, Tokyo, from June 18 (Tuesday) to September 23 (Mon.), 2019 2019, “100 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland. Houses are held. Since the press preview of the exhibition was held, we will deliver the report this time. What is the Modern Woman Exhibition? The Modern Women's Exhibition focuses on the seven female artists who lived in Finland before and after independence, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland, and brought major innovations in the country's modern art. It is the first exhibition in Japan. About 90 works are exhibited, including paintings,

[The 60th anniversary of the National Museum of Western Art opening] Matsukata Collection Exhibition Press Briefing Report

The National Museum of Western Art, Ueno, Tokyo, from June 11, 2019 (Tuesday) to September 23, Mon. "The 60th Anniversary Matsukata Collection Exhibition of the National Museum of Western Art" Is being held. Since the press preview of the exhibition was held, we will deliver the report this time. What is the Matsukata Collection? Kojiro Matsukata (1866-1950), the businessman who laid the foundation for the collection of the National Museum of Western Art. Matsukata, who led the Kawasaki Shipyard (now Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.) in Kobe, expanded a large number of works of art in London and Paris around 1916-1927, expanding business against the backdrop of ship demand from World