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Ueno News

Ueno Summer Festival Parade on Jul 18th 

Ueno Summer Festival Parade on Jul 18th 

The Ueno Summer Festival Parade was first held more than three decades ago to celebrate the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen in 1982. It takes place in three locations – Ueno Station, the Suijo Ongakudo (the Concert Hall on the Water),and Ueno Chuo Dori – and visitors can see a display of gorgeous, energetic performances by approximately 30 different organizations, including representatives from Tohoku festivals such as the Aomori Nebuta, Akita Kanto, and Morioka Sansa Odori. A JR Ueno Station Concourse 13:00〜15:00 B Suijo Ongakudo 15:00〜20:00 C Ueno Chuo Dori 17:30〜20:15

The Photograph: What You See & What You Don’t #2

Photography has had influences on the human societies in many different aspects since its invention in the 19th century. Currently, digital photography has overwhelmed. Even a cell phone is camera-equipped and these devices enable everyone to achieve a digital photographic image easily whenever they like. However, since digital photography has become something taken for granted, it can be said that people have less chance to think about “photograph” itself. Now we are living the world in which an image is obtainable by pushing shutter release button or even touching a button appears in a touchscreen. “What is Photography?” This exhibition was planned to ask this simple but important question. The

Review of the private view of “Cleopatra and the Queens of Egypt” at Tokyo National Museum.

Today, the private view of “Cleopatra and the Queens of Egypt,” which starts on July 11, was held for the press. Unlike other past ancient-Egyptian-themed events held at Tokyo National Museum, this event features the queens of ancient Egypt. These queens had not only supported reigning pharaohs as mothers or wives but also played significant roles in politics and religion. The highlights are definitely the exhibits of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of the ancient Egypt. There are several busts we can perceive her beauty. Other exhibits interpret that she was a very intelligent woman with ability to handle multiple languages. Even though Cleopatra tried to save the Ptolemaic Kingdom by

The last date of “The British Museum Exhibition: A History of the World in 100 Objects” is June 28.

The last date of “The British Museum Exhibition: A History of the World in 100 Objects” is June 28. Do not miss this chance to learn the two-million-year history of human’s creativity by looking at one hundred objects selected out of more than seven million collections of the British Museum in London, England! https://ueno.kokosil.net/en/spot_news/entry/00001c000000000000020000003101d6

The exhibition of sketch “Sobyoten” is scheduled to be held at the university museum of Tokyo University of the Arts.

The unique exhibition of sketch “Sobyoten” is scheduled to be held by Nihonga Daini Kenkyushitsu, stands for the Second Japanese Art Laboratory, of Tokyo University of the Arts. The exhibition period is from June 26 to July 9, 2015, and the venue is the university art museum. https://ueno.kokosil.net/en/spot_news/entry/00001c000000000000020000003101dd

Review of “Bordeaux‐Port de la Lune‐” at The National Museum of Western Art

This is a review of the private view of “Bordeaux‐Port de la Lune‐” held on June 22. I believe the first thing come to mind when people think of Bordeaux is “wine.” It’s actually right, and I love it too! However, here in this exhibition are so many different artistic, cultural, and historical materials that reveal the true fascination of Bordeaux. Let me introduce what I saw in the private view. One of the most impressive exhibits is “Lion Hunt” by Eugène Delacroix. In addition to the big size, the painting’s power is incredibly overwhelming. Although the upper half of the painting was lost by fire accident, the power remains

The National Museum of Western Art: Exhibition “Bordeaux‐Port de la Lune‐”

Eugène Delacroix Lion HuntOil on canvas 1854-55Musée des Beaux-Arts, Bordeaux©Musée des Beaux-Arts – Mairie de Bordeaux. Cliché L. Gauthier Located in the southwest of France, the renowned port city Bordeaux has nurtured its unique, sophisticated cultures thanks to the wealth given by producing and exporting wine that has boasted the tradition and the quality since the time of Ancient Rome. The city was called “Port de la Lune (port of the moon)” since it was developed in crescent shape along the Garonne near the Arctic Ocean. Its urban development was completed 100 years ahead of that of Paris, boasting the scenic beauty of magnificent classism and neoclassism structures, and its

4/30 JR Ueno Station Light-up Ceremony

Aiming at improvement of the station environment of JR Ueno Station, East Japan Railway Company (JR East) had worked on renewal of the exterior and installation of light-up equipments since November 2014. Now all jobs have been done, and we would like to hold the Light-up Ceremony to show the new Ueno Station.   【JR Ueno Station Light-up Ceremony】 Time/Date: Starts at 18:10 on April 30, 2015. (rain or shine) Place: Special Venue on Ueno Pedestrian Deck (Beside the 2nd floor entrance of RETRO-KAN of Atre Ueno) Program 18:10  Music performed by East Japan Railway Company Wind Ensemble 18:20  Greetings from guests: Yukuo Hattori (Mayor of Taito ward) Tadao Futatsugi