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Ueno News

“Ueno Information Office” Panda goods, popular ranking announced!

“Ueno Information Office” Panda goods, popular ranking announced!

"Ueno Frontier Tower" was born in the site of Matsuzakaya South Building in November this year. On that first basement floor, "Ueno Information Office" which is a tourist information office is open. At Ueno Information Office, which sells Ueno specialties and gems as well as sightseeing information, we have about 45 brands, 800 kinds of goods such as well-established stores in Ueno area, famous shops, studio and cultural facilities. Among them, occupying more than 30% of sales, popular items are popular items. As Shan Shan (Kaka) will be released, panda goods that gather more and more attention. This time, Top 10 popular items have been announced from among the 60

【National Museum of Nature and Science】 Planning Exhibition “MINAKATA Kumagusu: An informant-savant a 100 years ahead of his time” held

Image courtesy of the National Science Museum At the National Museum of Nature and Science, the 150th Anniversary Exhibition "MINAKATA Kumagusu: An informant-savant a 100 years ahead of his time" is held during the period from December 19, 2017 (Tuesday) to March 4, 2018 (Sunday). Minakata Kumagusu is a naturalist who gathered a large number of materials such as mosses, ferns, fungi. After traveling to the U.S. and England, he interacted with a wide range of people, he was immersed in the study of cryptomer plants in Wakayama prefecture and focused on the nature conservation movement, and various ecology, religion, folklore that Kumagusu told the world view over the field

【National Science Museum】 Special Exhibition “Human Body – Challenge to Mystery” Press Release Presentation Report

A press release of a special exhibition “Human body – Challenge to mystery” to be held at the National Science Museum from March 13 (Tue) 2018 to Sunday, June 17, 2018 will be held on November 30 I was told. I will report the situation this time. Human beings who are most familiar to mankind, but existence of mystery filled with eternal mystery. In order to understand the mechanism of things that utilize and move oneself, human race has been challenging many times since the Renaissance era. “Human body – challenge to mystery” is a special exhibition linked with NHK Special “Human body – Mysterious huge network ~” broadcast. In

【Ueno Royal Museum】 “Scary painting” exhibition, more than 300,000 visitors

Visitors to the "Scary Painting" exhibition being held at the Ueno Royal Museum are on December 2, exceeding 300,000 people. Approximately 5,300 people are visiting the "scary painting" exhibition averaging over the course of the day, and from November 16, the opening hours are from 9 o'clock to 20 o'clock every day from 9 pm to 10 pm It extends to minutes). In the same exhibition (July 22 – September 18) held at the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum, we recorded about 270,000 visitors. ■ "Scary Paintings" Exhibition is not only to just look at paintings, but also German literature who introduced a hidden episode while hitting motifs and era backgrounds,

【Welcome to foreigners who visit Japan! 】 Collaboration between traditional arts and contemporary arts

The “IKI” project executive committee ( http://ikipj.com/ ) will hold a festival of Japanese traditional culture at “Iriya SOOO dramatic!” in downtown Tokyo on December 2, 2017. The festival is called “walock”.   The theme of "adding Japanese to everyday" is a chic project that has learned and interacted with various cultures both in and outside of the world, providing opportunities for "fun" and "deeply" touching Japanese culture for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games .   “Walock” has proposed a new sum that traditional art experts collaborate with contemporary art such as "Ikebana" "Mai" "Sword" "Tea ceremony" etc. This theme is "Fair Day". Somewhat suspiciously nostalgic, let the world of

January 16 (Tue) – March 11 (Sun) 【Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan】 Special exhibition “Only Ninna-ji and Mikui school factions – Tempei and the treasure of Shingon Buddhism” decision to be held!

National Treasure ‘Amida Nyorai Seita’ Heian era · Jiwa 4 years (888) Kyoto · Ninnaji temple photo taken = Yuji Ono From January 16 (Tuesday) to March 11 (Sunday), 2018, the special exhibition “Ninna-ji Temple and Only Omuro factions only – Tempei and the treasure of Shingon Buddism -” will be held at the Tokyo National Museum Heiseikan . Ninna-ji known as Omuro cherry tree is a Shingon Buddhist temple that the Emperor Koumi appealed for construction in the second year of Jonathan (886) and the next generation Emperor of Uta completed it in the fourth year of Jiwa (888). From receiving a thick devotion from successive emperors, excellent paintings,

Sneek Preview Report: Unkei Exhibition at Tokyo National Museum

From September 26 (Tuesday) to November 26 (Sun), 2017, “Unkei” special exhibition in commemoration of Kofukuji Chukondo’s reconstruction will be held at the Tokyo National Museum. A press coverage was held on 25th September. Let us introduce exhibition contents. At Unkei’s age of adolescence, Chukondo in Kofuku-ji was his activity base. This exhibition will be held in commemoration of Chukondo’s reconstruction for the first time in these 300 years. It is said that 31 Buddha statues made by Unikei. 22 of them will be exhibited in this exhibition. In addition, you can see the work of his father Kokei, his son Tankei and Koben. In other words, this exhibition covers

“Sitamachi.Halloween 2017” will be held from Friday, October 13 to Tuesday, October 31 in the Ueno, Okachimachi and Yushima areas!

The Ueno Chuo Dori Shopping Committee will hold a Halloween event with a new name “Shitamachi.Halloween 2017.” The event made a huge success last year. Date: From Friday, October 13 to Tuesday, October 31 Vnues: Ueno, Okachimachi and Yushima areas Participation tickets (Advance purchase): Adult 1,000 yen, Child 500 yen (elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent) Participation tickets (Same-day purchase): 1,500 yen for adults, 800 yen for children (elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by a parent)       EVENTS Shitamachi. Halloween costume parade 16: 00 – 17: 00 on Sat, October 28, 2017 (subject to change) Attendees must wear Halloween costumes

Exhibition’s Sneak Preview Report: “Mysteries of Marimo – Where Did It Come From and Why is It Rounded? – 120 Years Since the Discovery of Marimo“ at National Science Museum

A special exhibition “Mysteries of Marimo – Where Did It Come From and Why is It Rounded? – 120 Years Since the Discovery of Marimo” will be held from the 22nd of August at the National Science Museum. EXHIBITING VALUABLE MARIMO Real marimos are displayed at the venue. It is unusual for Marimo of Lake Akan to be exhibited outside Hokkaido. WHY IS MARIMO ROUNDED? Because Marimo has a structure that algal bodies are easily entangled, it becomes a thick mat on rocks and shells, which may peel off and develop into large chunks while drifting at the bottom of the lake. If it rotates with the power of the

The Tokyo National Museum exhibits special items named after “Sakura” Annual project of Spring “Cherry-blossom viewing at the museum” March 14 ~ Implemented ~ Planning of garden light up and participatory event etc. are also packed! ~

The Tokyo National Museum (Ueno Park, Tokyo) will exhibit the masterpieces named after the cherry blossom from March 14 (Tuesday) to April 9 (Sun) in 2017, and holding the various events at the Spring’s regular project “Museum Cherry blossom viewing “will be carried out. In the exhibition room, cherry blossoms bloom in masterpieces, and about 10 kinds of cherry blossoms bloom in the boasting garden. [Highlight 1] ■ Main Cherry Blossom viewing In the main building, various works related to cherry blossoms such as national treasure “foliage foliage of flower underground music screen” such as paintings depicting cherry blossoms, crafts with motif of cherry blossoms, Buddhist images of cherry wood