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【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Nagayaku no Oji Wangyui” Exhibition Report

【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Nagayaku no Oji Wangyui” Exhibition Report

From January 16 (Wednesday), 2019 to February 24 (Sun), the Tokyo National Museum holds a special exhibition "A masterpiece beyond Mr. Masayoshi Honkaku" . Since the exhibition was held on 15th January, I will tell you the situation. The face Makoto (literature) born in a famous man whose writing is home. In the era of Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) where he played an active part, in the history of China, the time when the writing method reached the climax. Following Wang Yoshiyuki (Ogushi), which was honored as "Book Selection" during the Higashin Jin period (317-420), in the Tang Dynasty, the foundation of the Scribble by Establishment of Goodwill was

【Ueno Royal Museum】 “Vermeer Exhibition” Over 500,000 visitors! ! Japan’s first landing “Treasure woman” is open from 9th

"January 9th" at the "Verme exhibition" being held at the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, "Japan's first landing woman" is displayed. This work is an early work by Johannes Vermeer, a painter of the 17th century Dutch, from a historical painting to a genre painting, a must-see work. Also, the number of visitors to the exhibition that started on October 5, last year exceeded 500,000 on January 7th. Click here for "Vermeer Exhibition" "Woman holding" is said to be the first work of genre painting painted by Vermeer. The quietness (screening) of the screen, rich colors, the characteristics of Vermeer are seen everywhere, and it stimulates the imagination of the viewer.

Let’s be prepared now for “disaster”! Featured is “disaster prevention food” feature! That food that was talked about in Heisei too. Food gift set dismantling sale

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 – 22 (Tue) Partially exchanged on Wednesday, 16th Matsuzakaya Ueno Store Main Building 6th Floor At Matsuzakaya Ueno store, "food gift set dismantlement sale" is held from January 9 (Wed)! Approximately 3,000 kinds, 200 thousand items will be gathered at the venue by adding bargain sale for gifts gifts, box selling, food cans, condiments, oils, noodles, retort foods, ham and other special bargain items. Disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons and torrential downpours became prominent year in 2018, but this time we will carry out "disaster prevention food specials" with twice the size of last time. Also, foods that have become a topic in Heisei and old

1/1 – 2/24 “The 37th Ueno Toshogu Winter Bottle” Opening

In Ueno Toshogu, located in Ueno Park and enshrining Tokugawa Ieyasu Koen, about 200 shares of winter botan always stretches from January 1 (Tuesday, Friday) to February 24 (Sun) in 2018, We will open "Ueno Toshogu Winter Bottle" to add color to Edo's full-fledged architecture. The largest in the Kanto "Winter pot of about 40 types and 200 shares at all times" During the opening period, you can enjoy more than 200 kinds of winter bouts of about 40 kinds, including the popular variety "Yachiyo Tsubaki" "Shimokin", "Huang Crow", Chinese, American and French oversea varieties. It is wrapped in "Warabchichi (straw enclosure)" to surpass the coldness In order to protect

Mobile battery sharing service “Charge Me” Introduced at Matsuzakaya Ueno store, Taikyo ya select Ueno store

The service "ChargeMe" to eliminate the concern of "turning off the power of the smartphone" on the go has started service at the Matsuzaka Ueno store from December 1st. Credit cards, Amazon Pay, Line Pay, Alipay are available for payment. Introduction store in the Ueno area Matsuzakaya Ueno Store (Ueno 3 – chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo No. 29 No. 5) Takeya Store Select Ueno Store (4-33-2, Taito-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo) COTOHA Hotel (4-5-12, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo) Edo Kimiko Kobo Ya · Ueno store (4-9-2 Taito Taito-ku, Tokyo) What is "ChargeMe"? "ChargeMe" is a mobile battery sharing service. Mobile battery is borrowed at "Mobile Battery Station" set up in a store, etc., and

【National Science Museum】 Exhibition “Yayoi People Sleeping in the Sand Dunes – Half Century of the Yamaguchi Prefecture Doi Igagami Ruins -” Exhibition Report

At the National Science Museum, the exhibition "Yayoi who sleeps in the sand dunes – half century of the Doihigahama ruins in Yamaguchi prefecture" was held during the period from December 11, 2010 (Tue) to March 24 (Sun.), 2019 It is. Since I participated in the press preview held before the event, I will tell you how it is going. The remains of the Yamaguchi prefecture Doi gahama (Dome gama) facing the Hibikinada (Hibikinada) in the west end of Honshu. About 300 Yayoi people 's human bones have been excavated from here. In the Yayoi era, farming such as rice cultivation brought from the Korean Peninsula began in earnest, and

【Tokyo National Museum】 Special Exhibition “Grand Prizes of Japanese Art Spinning Beauty – Sesshu, From Eikoku to Karin, Hokusai -” Held from May 3, 2019

The Tokyo National Museum will hold a special exhibition "Prestigious items of Japanese art spinning beauty – Sesshu, Eikoku to Karin, Hokusai -" on May 3 (Friday) – June 2 (Sunday) 2019 We announced that. This exhibition is to be held as part of 'Spinning project' to protect and convey Japanese beauty – National Treasures of Imperial Families / National Treasure Project ', organized by the Tokyo National Museum and the Agency for Cultural Affairs, with the cooperation of the Imperial Household Agency of the Imperial Housekeeper , It is a thing which introduces selected goods of Japanese art. In Kano Kagakuko, in addition to opening the "Karon Lion Screen

Old museum Zoo station Public memorial installation We participated in the press tour “chasing the announcers” press tour

This building is standing side by side with the Tokyo National Museum, across from Ueno Park. It used to be the Keisei Electric Railway old museum zoo station which has been used as the nearest station of the Tokyo Imperial Museum (now the Tokyo National Museum) and the Ueno Ueno Zoo. Along with the decrease in users, we had to suspend business in 1997. In April 2018, as a building with historical value that is important for the landscape, it was the first railway facility "Tokyo Metropolitan Selected History Building It was selected as "thing". Renovation work was carried out on this machine, furthermore, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department

Hakone · Pola Museum of Art “Point-Rhythm World 2018 – Monet’s Microcosm -” Sound Project 2.0 Spot experience report of the point sounds forest

"Masuda Sebastian × Claude Monet" Point-Rhythm World 2018 – Monet's Microcosm – " which is currently exhibiting at the Pola Museum of Art (Kanagawa Prefecture, Hakone Town) " . Mr. Masuda Sebastian of the artist is a large installation inspired by Claude Monet's "Water Lily Pond" in the Pola Museum of Art. From November 15th, a sound installation that you can experience "stippling of sound" that collaborated with musician Junichi Matsumoto was added. Since I participated in the tour sessions on the opening day of the first public release, I will tell you the situation. Impressionist painter French-born painter Monet's series "Water Lilies" is one of the most famous paintings

【Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum】 “Fantasy Genealogy Exhibition Edo Painting Miracle World” Press Conference Report

At the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, "Fantasy Genealogy Exhibition Edo Painting Miracle World" will be held from February 9 (Sat) to April 7 (Sun) in 2019. We recently participated in a press release held at Ginza SIX in the Kanze Noh theater on the third basement floor, so I will tell you how it is. Exhibition gist Art historian · Yoshio Tsuji's 1970 book "Genealogy of Fantasy". Introduced by this book was a lot of works depicting an unusual world with free and innovative ideas of painters who were considered to be sideways in the history of painting in the Edo era in the past. Since then, after standing nearly